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API and RSS driven dynamic digital campaign


England's Cricket National Team Sri Lanka tour has been largely covered by talkSport. Helping the station to increase their listeners base during the event Pulse Creative created a brilliant campaign which of digital part was lead by inkable.

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Pulse Creative London


Pulse Creative London


Translating print into a digital campaign

The main concept of the campaign and series of key visuals created by Pulse Creative for a print campaign was a great base to start with. However the main problem to solve was not only how to translate the concept into good digital experience but also how can we take advantage of available technology and help cricket fans to stay updated on the latest news. Simultaneously driving users to live radio stream or to download "Follow on" podcast.


Developing concept for digital campaign

In response to client's brief inkable has developed two series of banners. Both based on the same visual solution of translating the concept of the campaign into motion graphics (GSAP animation) and using API and RSS data feeds to keep talkSport listeners updated on the latest from Sri Lanka.


Live score and latest podcast data feeds

Taking advantage of talkSport podcast RSS channel I developed a dynamic creative where the date, title and a link to the latest podcast is updated every time a new podcast is published. The second dynamic creative was used only,
during the days when games took place. The dynamic content was updated trough OptaSportAPI live game score driving users to the talkSport radio live comments.


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