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The Times and The Sunday Times

Investigation into Oxfam—responsive website


Five days design and development sprint-based project, bringing to the public's attention the investigation into Oxfam by the Chief Reporter of The Times and The Sunday Times, Sean O'Neill. Published between February and May 2018 in The Times and The Sunday Times. Taking advantage of Google Design Sprint methodology, I ideated, designed, prototyped, coded and delivered the responsive web timeline promoting the Investigative Journalism series.

Development  |  Interaction Design  |  UI  |  UX

Pulse Creative


Creative Direction: Robin Garton


Design and rapid prototyping

From initial sketches to wireframes, design and interactive prototype. Turning an idea into a live online experience in a very busy environment could only be achieved with modern workflows and rapid prototyping. Testing designs and interactions at an early stage allowed me to quickly find the final solution and proceed to web development.


Front end development, QA and delivery

At the final stage, I translated the design into a scroll driven interactive timeline. The responsive website was driven by smooth scrolling activated animations. Helping to bring to the public's attention Sean's O'Neil's investigation and therefore, encouraging readers to purchase the digital subscription of The Times and The Sunday Times. This emphasised the importance of their active participation in uncovering the truth through investigative journalism.


Email warm-up

At the final stage of the project, I designed and developed a responsive email encouraging The Times and The Sunday Times potential subscribers to visit The Times and The Sunday Times investigation microsite and enjoy a series of free articles revealing Oxfam scandal.


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