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Pulse Creative London


UX, Web Development


Pulse Creative London

News UK

Cannes Festival Summer Party—invitation system

Invitation email system with a microsite build for News UK event at Cannes Festival 2018. Creating a pleasant and simple journey to the Cannes Festival Summer Party 2018 for creative industry professionals.


User journey map and data flow chart

Having the user and functional scope of the project in mind I started from creating user journey map which outlines the route the user will take from receiving the invitation email to confirm her/his participation. As one of the required functionalities of the site was to securely register only users that exist in the invitees' database, I have designed a system that checks in backend users credential with the database.


Key visual and scroll interactions

Working closely with Pulse Creative London team I have developed the design concept into a functional microsite. Introducing micro sprite animation activated by scroll events add intangible value to the site like the look and feel of the event as well as improve the user experience at an emotional level when retrieving the information about the event.


RSVP form

The form part of the website has been integrated with Formstack platform in order to gather insights into the campaign performance as well as synchronise data with the MailChimp email platform. The user is provided with additional detail about the event when submitting the form and in custom confirmation email.


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