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Cherry Advertising Ltd.


UI/UX, Design System, Visual Design, Art Direction


Cherry Advertising Ltd., UX: Kosta Laoudikos


Design system and user interface

Unifying Ferincjet's global visual language online, creating a comprehensive design system and a functional user interface. Helping doctors from all over the world to discover more about iron deficiency and the benefits of Ferincjet.


Unifying visual language of a global healthcare brand

Creating consistency across all Ferinject international web addresses started early in the planning and UX stage. Inkable collaborated with Cherry Advertising's digital team developing a coherent and comprehensive design system and user interface. Working in an agile environment prototyping and testing designs to improve on functionality and user experience of the final product.


Creating a universal online visual language

From a responsive grid, typography and colour theme through user patterns and modules to fully functional high fidelity prototype. Inkable designed a scalable design system and user interface, simplifying and unifying Ferincjet's visual language online. Creating a consistent design system and improving on brand experience through the tangible and intangible value of design and art direction.


From atomic parts to UI patterns and modules

The design system follows Ferinject's brand guidelines and compliments the visual language of the brand. At the core of the system are typography, colour theme and atomic parts of the system such as icons, which altogether build up user interface patterns and modules. Each element of the website has been designed separately with a set of rules in order to allow flexibility during prototyping and development process but most of all to create a consistent design system.


Designing and testing layouts

The process of designing layouts and improving and developing user experience view series of test, prototypes and reviews.


High fidelity rapid prototyping with UXPin

Testing the UX and UI with high fidelity rapid prototyping at early stage allowed the team detect and improve on functionality issues as well as present the product to the client and receive a go-ahead for the development stage.


Simple development handover

The whole process allowed for a simple handover to the dev team and reduced the development time. Taking advantage of modern workflows( Sketch-UXPin and Sketch-Zeppelin ) inkable simplified as well as clarify the design process, delivering the best possible design solution and delivering a consistent and functional user experience to international users.


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